Welcome to the world Besa Belle Bessières

I have carried you inside of me for nine months. I wish you could see my belly while I pick up raspberries, chocolate and blueberries knowing it is stretching into the tent that became your home for 9 months.

What a magical time, dad and I cannot wait to meet you. You were kicking so much everywhere. You are such a happy and healthy child. Through 9 months of pregnancy, you have given me peace, happiness, laughter, creativity and clarity at the highest level.

I am so thankful to the crescent moon and back to the divine energy, to the universe, to you to myself and your dad. Your father have been excellent, so supportive and so loving. He lifts me up in times when I am tired and treats me as a princess. I am his everything.

We will show you how to love others and how to love them well. I will comfort you at times when life becomes a little too tough to handle. We will always take your side when it comes to relationships and dad will close the door on any person who pose a threat to your heart.

You are French Albanian by blood. Imagine the power you have within you. Be bold, be brave and believe in the power of your dreams – the dreams that shine in your blue, blue eyes as if stars will illuminate your way.

Because my baby girl, you come from a proud line of loving, nurturing, loud laughing, deeply emotional and wonderful women and your name is honor, promise and beauty from the inside out my sweet little girl.

I will make you laugh with stories about the boys I dated in high school and college. I will share the story of magic love between dad and me. We will and open your eyes for what real love is and how to recognize it. We will teach you how to choose the right people and go for what makes you happy.

Your name is chosen by dad and I – the B brand. It means honor, promise and beauty. Please be true to yourself, be pure to loyalty and kindness, and pursue knowledge about different cultures and religions. Protect your heart, mind and body. Choose to surround yourself with people that bring the best of you. As you grow older, persistently try to find in you that special something and through recognizing and appreciating it, allow it to grow so that more love and friendship come your way. Open your heart to goodness. No matter what happens, do not let negative people or thoughts take hold of you. The choice between being an optimist or a pessimist will remain right there in front of you. Choose wisely!

I will give you all the tools you need and dad will give his best to transform understanding of life. We will give you a better life than we had when we were children.

We will support you emotionally and financially and encourage you to keep reaching for the unreachable and never settle down for anything less than you deserve.

Now, I am your mother my darling and I SEE your big eyes watching.

I want you to see me love myself for all the gorgeous, nurturing love I will give to you. When I tell you I Love You, I do not say it out of habit to make conversation.

I say it to remind you that YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. Your bright smile light up my heart.

Isabella og Arno


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